Cultivating a new generation of leaders

We cultivate a new generation of leaders who catalyze teams for transformative change in their communities, organizations, and beyond.

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virtuous leaders

Leading for a better future


Leadership begins with you, but is not about you

Leadership involves guiding and empowering others towards a collective purpose, inspiring meaningful change that overflows to the greater organization and community in which you lead.


Leadership through virtues, not values

Different from values, which will vary from person to person, virtues stand the test of time and shape a leader’s character. The virtues of love, integrity, truth, excellence, and relationships are critical for effective teams.


Leadership requires emotional intelligence

Understanding one's own emotions, as well as recognizing and empathizing with the emotions of others, fosters effective communication, collaboration, and the ability to motivate teams.


For individuals looking to become better leaders

Our Fellows Program begins with a five-month transformational experience designed to help you become a courageous, effective, and emotionally intelligent leader. You will experience, imagine, and reflect within a cohort of peers and mentors as you develop the attitude, skills, and virtuous behavior necessary to lead high-performing, mission-focused teams. Upon completion, you will have lifelong access to development and support from the SLG Network.

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For organizations looking to strengthen their teams

Organizations who invest in their leadership teams foster an inclusive work environment and enable teamwork and meaningful experiences. The benefits extend far beyond the immediate impact, positively shaping the organization's culture and improving performance. This program is designed to develop leaders and their teams who create shared purpose, encourage growth, inspire personal development, and cultivate a trusting and collaborative workplace.

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Committed Mentors
mentors program

For seasoned leaders looking to become mentors

Our mentorship program certifies you in holistic mentoring and equips you to share your hard-earned wisdom with the next generation of leaders. You will be trained to walk alongside individuals through our Fellows Program, inspiring them to become courageous catalysts for highly effective teams.

Become the leader your team
needs you to be.

the difference

The Severn Leadership Group Difference

Providing a holistic experience that creates the conditions to develop team-oriented, character-shaped, emotionally intelligent leaders.

transformative benefits

Aligning attitudes, behaviors, application, and accountability Severn Leadership Group leaders:


Learn to nurture positive team culture

Building strong relationships and empowering followers to collectively achieve greatness.


Develop virtuous character

Learning, living, and leading from a firm foundation.


Connect to an ongoing network of like-minded leaders

Together in community addressing our crisis of leadership head-on.


Deepen emotional intelligence

Strengthening the heart of the leader and the team


Achieve lasting personal and organizational benefits

Individuals and teams create structures that drive positive change, promote well-being, and allow the collective to thrive.

Hear from our Network

“This program is something you cannot get elsewhere...

The experience, the conversations, and the learning material is truly something you cannot get at your workplace. I’ve learned so much and am very thankful to have taken this class".

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Andrew J
2022 Fellow, Finance

"Personal growth as a leader and mentor are critical in every stage of life/career...

SLG allows you to grow, both as a leader and person, and helps you better understand your role as a leader in your team.  If you are a leader now, this course is indispensable to give you tools to become an amazing leader.  If you aspire to be a leader someday, this course will help you with a path to get there."

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Michael B
SLG Certified Mentor, Engineering

Invest in developing virtuous leaders and teams committed to shaping a better world.