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The Teams Program is for organizations seeking to strengthen their teams and transform their culture.

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The Teams Program is designed to help positively shape an organization's culture and improve overall performance by investing in and empowering their leaders and teams.

Our leadership perspective is a systems-based approach grounded in three basic precepts that set the foundation for cultivating emotionally healthy and courageous leaders.

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the three precepts

Leadership and Followership

Leadership and followership are defined by character and are relational in nature.



Character is shaped by a timeless and transcendent set of core virtues.


Courageous Leadership

Selfless courage and service to others is not a style of leadership, but learned behavior.

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The six-month Team's Program includes:

• Reserved seats in our Fellows Program, which includes:
- A copy of Swing: Elite Leadership for High Performing Teams
- Difference Makers Program Guidebook
- Pre-work assignments
- Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) Assessment
- EQ-i coaching session
- Large group cohort sessions
- Fieldwork (practical application)
- One-on-one mentorship
- On-going development opportunities

• Support of the extensive SLG network
• Four customized modules tailored to the specific needs of the team and led by an SLG executive and specialized senior SLG Mentor


Invest in a culture of ethical leadership and curate high performance teams


Learn to Lead with Virtues

Anchor your organization’s leadership in our five virtues: Love, Integrity, Truth, Excellence, and Relationship.


Transform Organizational Culture

Teams will learn to collectively embody trust and transparency, a key to effective organizational function.


Grow Your Organization's Emotional and Virtue Intelligence

Learn how to cultivate a healthy environment and increase the well-being and effectiveness of your team.


Earn a Mentor Certification

Have the option to certify senior leaders as holistic mentors to create a culture of mentoring throughout your organization.


Measure Excellence Based on Team Performance

The leader's aim is not abstract platitudes but accountable behavior that serves the benefit of a team's cohesion and cooperative performance.


Get Real Practical Application

Lessons are immediately applied to the leaders’ actual work environment. This implementation is supported by a personalized mentor for each fellow, who holds them accountable and ensures sustained excellence among teams.


Expand Your Support Network

Connect to a network of diverse leaders united by the commitment to serve one another and create a better world.

five virtues

The five virtues that will transform your leadership

These timeless and transcendent virtues are supported through emotional intelligence and shape everything we do.



Seeking and evaluating facts to distinguish and stand up for what is fundamentally right



Not a feeling, but actions of service and generosity to another, even when it requires one to be self-sacrificing.



A continuous pursuit of learning and improving, while growing in the virtues of Love, Integrity, Truth, and Relationship.



Alignment between family, personal, and professional lives, and consistently doing the right thing even when no one is watching.



Cultivating positive connections among individuals, groups, and communities to benefit everyone involved.

Ready to catalyze amazing teams in your organization?

Hear from our Network

“We are all in different industries...

and being able to discuss and talk with the fellows and mentors and learn about their experience has been amazing. The experience, the conversations, and the learning material is truly something you cannot get at your workplace."

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Andrew J.
2022 Fellow, Finance

“I was able to incorporate a lot of the things I learned in SLG in real-time...

as I was in the process of hiring a new direct report and taking on more a formal leadership role on my team. It really was perfect timing for all of it!"

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Jess H.
2022 Fellow, Technology

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