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Serve as an example of virtuous leadership by learning and living SLG's core virtues.


Holistic Approach

Enable personal and professional growth as you walk alongside your Fellow.


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Provide encouragement and accountability through an honest relationship.


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Mentors are experienced industry, non-profit, government, or military senior leaders of character who are committed to inspiring SLG Fellows to become courageous leaders for our world.

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"I only have praise [for my mentor experience]...

I loved having the support of my mentor throughout the program. She didn't allow me to sit back. She pushed me and encouraged me and made me see beyond my biased views"

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Heather A
2022 Fellow, Nonprofit Director

As an SLG mentor...

"Sometimes I forget how much life experience and wisdom from past “fail forwards” that I have to share"

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Kristi N
SLG Certified Mentor, Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to be certified to be a mentor?

Our Mentors come to SLG from various industries and with various experience levels and backgrounds.  Some have vast experience in mentoring, while others are just getting started.  Either way, few have formally conducted holistic mentoring.

Our certification program not only allows us to ensure everyone has the tools and skills they need to walk alongside the Fellows through the Fellows Program, but it helps us have a shared attitude and commitment to developing the whole person rather than focusing solely on the Fellow’s career.

What is expected of me as a Mentor?

As a newly trained Mentor, you will be asked to attend all cohort sessions for your first cohort. Once fully certified and you are joining your second cohort or beyond, you will only be asked to commit to attending the sessions in which you sign up to be a small group facilitator.

Additionally, Mentors are expected to hold Fellows accountable for scheduling and meeting with you, as well as their plans of action in which you help them create in your sessions.

I’m not sure if mentoring is right for me. How else can I support the SLG mission?

If becoming an SLG Certified Mentor is not a good fit at this time, we have other project- and leadership-based volunteer opportunities you may want to consider.

If time is not something you can give at the moment, you can still support the SLG mission through donating or partnering with us. 

Finally, we are always looking for more people to reach with the SLG experience. Nominating Fellows and Mentors, or connecting us with potential organizations interested in bringing SLG to their organization or other partners are also valuable ways you can help this network of courageous leaders in your community and across the country.

How long does it take to certify?

The time period in which it takes a Mentor to certify can be affected by when they begin their certification, as well as their ability to make it to cohort observations, training sessions, and complete the required reading. However, the active time involved with training can range from 23-25 hours.

How many cohorts must I participate in once certified?

Once training is completed, a Mentor will be eligible to be matched during the next convening of cohorts in their location or virtually.  Once a Mentor has completed all items on their Mentor Commitment form, including mentoring for  a full cohort, they are officially certified and are encouraged to mentor in as many cohorts as their schedule permits.

It is important to note that eligible mentors may not have a match for every cohort in which they are available for.  However, unmatched Mentors are always invited to assist as a Senior Fellow in any of our cohorts!

How do I know if I am eligible to be a Mentor?

Our Mentors come to SLG from various industries and with various experience levels and backgrounds.  What they have in common is that they have a track record of leading successful teams while exemplifying good character, whether in a paid status or as a volunteer.

Eligible candidates are lifelong learners. They are willing to be humble and share past mistakes so others may learn. Our Mentors also understand the importance of community and enjoy the support and camaraderie of the other mentors in the SLG Network.


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