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The Fellows Program is open for mid-career professionals located in the Annapolis, MD, Northern Virginia and DC area, near Groton, CT or Tampa Bay, FL. All-virtual programs are also available.

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What our Fellows are saying

“I felt such a sense of warmth when my sister joined SLG and was assigned the same mentor I had during my time...

Through the mentoring and SLG development, she got through some really tough work situations, and finally landed the promotion she was passed over on which had prompted her to start the SLG process in the first place. That’s your proof of success right there!"

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Molly M
2020 Fellow, Automotive Industry

“Do not pass this up!

If you truly commit to SLG and you take the time to practice & implement what you learn, your engagement and emotional-awareness levels will take off. This is a tremendous development opportunity for both fellows and mentors!"

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Travis P
2022 Fellow, Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SLG Fellows Program different from other leadership development programs?

Traditional leadership development focuses on the leader. The SLG Fellows Program begins by helping fellows understand themselves, but then shifts the focus on team dynamics.  Equipped with the knowledge of what their teams need from their leader, SLG Fellows create a plan with the support of their personal mentor, as well as a cohort of peers and mentors, to immediately put what they learn into practice.

SLG Fellows experience immediate and sustained growth through making small changes in their behavior that make a significant impact on their team’s success.

What is expected of me as a Fellow?

Because Fellows learn from one another, when a Fellow misses a session or isn’t prepared for the session, the entire cohort is affected.  Thus, we ask that Fellows be committed to the program by completing all assignments, attending all cohort sessions, and scheduling and meeting with their Mentor in between sessions. 

We understand that emergencies happen and we will work with Fellows to get caught up as needed.  However, we ask that you review your schedule and the cohort’s schedule once accepted  to identify conflicts prior to joining a cohort.
We understand that emergencies happen and we will work with Fellows to get caught up as needed.  However, we ask that you review your schedule and the cohort’s schedule once accepted  to identify conflicts prior to joining a cohort.

How are Fellows paired with Mentors?

Fellows and Mentors are paired based on the Program Manager’s getting to know the Fellow during their interview and the knowledge of the Mentors available for a given cohort. A staff team member finalizes pairings based on a Fellow’s background and goals. On the VERY rare occasion there is an ill-matched pair, we support the Fellow with a new Mentor.

What is the time commitment to participate in the program?

Cohorts typically meet as a group every other week and Fellows meet one-on-one with their Mentor during the off week. Cohort sessions last approximately 2.5 hours and Mentor sessions can range from 1.5-2 hours depending on the needs and availability of the Mentor-Fellow pair. Reading/writing/reflection assignments can range from Fellow to Fellow but a good estimate is 1-3 hours per cohort session (i.e., every two weeks).

How likely is it that I will receive a partial or fully paid fellowship?

Thanks to our generous donors and brand partners, SLG is proud to be able to offer leadership development to any individual regardless of their economic status. Applicants are encouraged to take an honest assessment of their need and then ask for the amount of assistance that will enable them to participate in the program.

How do I know if I am eligible to be a Fellow?

Our Fellows are mid-career professionals. Typically, that means those between the ages of 25-45 years.  However, it is more about experience than age. The Fellow must have some experience with leading a team, whether as an employee or as a volunteer, and must currently be in, or stepping into a leadership role.

This program focuses on leading a team.  Without a team to develop or plan for, the program will not be as immediately practical or impactful.


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