The Severn Leadership Group Difference

Providing a holistic experience that creates the conditions to develop team-oriented, character-shaped, emotionally intelligent leaders who catalyze high-performing teams.

What makes us different

Grounded in Transcendent Virtues

Leaders’ character is rooted in transcendent virtues needed for team leadership, not on self-selected values.


Team Focused

Leaders are focused on equipping their teams for long-term success, heightened performance, and empathy-driven collaboration.


Lead with Emotional Intelligence

Leaders develop their self-awareness and hone their behaviors informed by attuned emotional intelligence.


Application Based

Leaders immediately apply what they learn into their work environment so that skills and behaviors are reinforced.


Supported by Mentors

Leaders are personally assigned an experienced SLG Certified Mentor to assist them in applying the curriculum in real time.


Empowered by Accountability

Leaders are placed within a communal cohort who hold each other accountable to becoming the best version of themselves in service to their team.

our mission

A new generation of leaders

At the heart of our mission lies a deep commitment to nurturing a new generation of leaders grounded in timeless and transcendent virtues. Our purpose is clear: to inspire individuals to become catalysts for transformative change within their communities, organizations, and the world at large, all while fostering a spirit of collaboration and team empowerment. As you delve into our journey, you'll discover why choosing us means choosing a path to meaningful leadership and enduring impact. 


A network of courageous leaders and teams united in creating a better future for the world

We believe in the power of leaders—not just executives, but all leaders, from the classroom to the boardroom. We want to help develop future leaders throughout our network because with great leadership at every level, you can change the future for the better.

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See How We are Catalyzing Courageous Leaders

Invest in developing virtuous leaders and teams committed to shaping a better world.

Hear from our Network

“If you are in a leadership role...

...SLG's fellows program offers a new vision, a new paradigm. SLG is to leadership excellence, as Bach is to The Brandenburg Concertos.

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Ellis R.
SLG Senior Fellow

“SLG's examination of virtues and their contribution to character development is unique...

...and their LITER (love, integrity, truth, excellence, and relationship) model defines a foundation upon which to build a new kind of leader. Leadership programs are a dime a dozen, but SLG's leadership training and how it integrates leader and team is newly defined here."

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Kristin G
SLG Certified Mentor, Nonprofit Director

“...[SLG] will inspire trust throughout your team..."

"If you practice consistently over time what you learn in the SLG's fellows program, it will inspire trust throughout your team and allow you to achieve things much greater than you ever could have imagined!"

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Kristin G
SLG Certified Mentor, Nonprofit Director

“Servant leadership through virtuous living"

"If servant leadership through virtuous living is an operating system for leadership, SLG's fellows program is the technical manual."

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Kristin G
SLG Certified Mentor, Nonprofit Director