Shaping a better future through better leadership

Welcome to your network of leaders on a lifelong journey to change the world through leading with character and purpose.

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Leading for a better future


Leadership begins with you

A healthy team begins with a healthy leader. We give you the tools and support to find purpose and well-being.


But it's not about you

Leadership is about relationships and service to others. We equip you to lead meaningful change within your team to create excellence that overflows to the greater organization and community in which you lead.


And you can't do it alone.

Courageous leadership is a journey that requires a network of support. We provide you with lifelong learning, networking, and mentoring opportunities.


Become a better leader

Our Fellows Program begins with a 5-month transformational experience designed to help you become a courageous, highly effective, and emotionally intelligent leader. You will experience, imagine, and reflect within a cohort of peers and mentors as you develop the attitude, skills, and virtuous behavior necessary to lead high performing, mission focused teams.  Upon completion, you will have lifelong access to development and support from the SLG Network to serve your team well and the opportunity to become a senior fellow and mentor.

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Committed Mentors
mentors program

Develop future leaders

The newest generation of leaders do not have enough mentors guiding their life and leadership development. Our mentorship program certifies seasoned leaders in holistic mentoring and equips you to share your hard earned wisdom with this next generation of leaders. You will be trained on how to walk alongside our fellows through our transformational fellows program, inspiring them to become courageous catalysts for highly effective teams.

Already mentoring within your organization? Take your mentoring relationship to the next level by getting certified and then guiding your protégé to catalyze a high performing team through our Fellows Program.


Organizations are made up of teams, not leaders

Designed to develop leaders that can create the shared purpose and commitment to excellence needed for high performing teams to achieve greater productivity and exceptional results. Let us help you develop leaders who serve their teams – something larger than themselves – and at the same time make a real difference in the organization and the lives of others.

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Become the leader your team
needs you to be.


Courageous leaders regularly refine their character

We believe leadership and followership are defined by one's character, which is shaped by a core set of timeless and transcendent virtues. Service to others is not a style of leadership, but a learned behavior.

Anyone can learn to be a courageous leader.


A network of courageous leaders and teams united in creating a better future for the world

We believe in the power of leaders—not just executives, but all leaders, from the classroom to the boardroom. We want to help develop future leaders throughout our network because with great leadership at every level, you can change the future for the better.


Transcendent virtues shape everything we do



Seeking and evaluating facts to distinguish - and stand up for - what is fundamentally right.



Not a feeling, but actions of service and generosity to another, even when it requires one to be self-sacrificing.



A continuous pursuit of learning and improving, while growing in the virtues of Love, Integrity, and Truth.



Alignment between family, personal, and professional lives, and consistently doing the right thing even when no one is watching.



Cultivating positive connections among groups and with individuals to benefit both the individual and the group

Hear from our Network

“This program is something you cannot get elsewhere...

The experience, the conversations, and the learning material is truly something you cannot get at your workplace. I’ve learned so much and am very thankful to have taken this class".

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Andrew J
2022 Fellow, Finance

"Personal growth as a leader and mentor are critical in every stage of life/career...

SLG allows you to grow, both as a leader and person, and helps you better understand your role as a leader in your team.  If you are a leader now, this course is indispensable to give you tools to become an amazing leader.  If you aspire to be a leader someday, this course will help you with a path to get there."

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Michael B
SLG Certified Mentor, Engineering

The SLG Fellows Program is phenomenal.  The opportunity to develop relationships with other professionals, in all stages of life, who are similarly focused on personal and professional growth is refreshing… our world needs more!

David P
SLG Fellow

Swing: Elite Leadership for High Performance Teams

High-performance teams require a special kind of leader. It is not about the leader, but the team or more precisely the leader in service to the team. The purpose of this book is to reframe your thinking about leadership from an individual concept to a team experience.

Such leadership begins with a virtue-driven person of character with a keen sense of emotional intelligence and is then integrated with the ability to harness the personalities, abilities, experiences of other people to serve something larger than any single person.


Creating a New Network of Courageous Leaders

Change our future for the better. Join our network today.


Creating a New Network of Courageous Leaders