What Happens When Difference Makers Unite

When difference-makers unite, we don’t just make change for others—we change as well.

What Happens When Difference Makers Unite
Nicole Draiss
February 7, 2023

The importance of “the network” might be one of the first concepts we learn as we traverse our professional paths. We hear that networks open doors. They connect us with opportunity. They introduce us to people and places we might otherwise never have known. But the power of the network had never made as great of an impact on me until I entered the nonprofit world.

I met Andy Schindling, the Executive Director of TCP Youth Empowerment in our SLG Virtual Fellows Program. As a grant writer, I was relatively new to nonprofits, and his organization was just a few years old. We bonded as fellows, stayed in touch via LinkedIn (thank you, social networks!), and when my availability opened up, Andy reached out to me for assistance with grant writing.

Andy’s organization empowers young leaders, and he runs this program with a deep, heartfelt passion for these kids. Andy partnered with SLG to develop some age-appropriate emotional intelligence materials and activities. He is constantly thinking of new things to introduce, new approaches to fill the need, and new partners to engage and make a massive change in the lives of these young people. And he’s doing it. Just read the testimonials.

When difference-makers unite, real impact happens. We bring the best of our skills and talents together like an all-star team. Andy has a boots-on-the-ground presence and is making his organization well-known and beloved in his community. I helped TCP reshape their grant initiatives, developed content for donor engagement, and applied for all the grants we agreed were the best fit. We brought the best of ourselves to the task, and in just a few short months of working together, we won the biggest grant TCP has ever received.

When difference-makers unite, we don’t just make change for others—we change as well. There aren’t many things as rewarding as knowing that the work you do will quite literally change the trajectory of someone’s life for the better. That grant we won together means that many more kids will learn their destiny is not to repeat the cycles they are raised in but to break those cycles: to rise and become the next generation of difference-makers.

We change the lives of those who will change more lives. That’s what happens when Difference Makers unite.

If you want to join this network of courageous leaders and teams creating a better future for our world, contact SLG today, or sign up for one of their upcoming virtual Discover SLG information sessions to learn how.

Nicole Draiss is a passionate and committed consultant whose mission is to assist nonprofit leaders in achieving the greatest goals for and impact of their organizations. With a background in writing and editing that spans more than 20 years and a decade-long background in business management, Nicole thrives on collaborating with like-minded individuals to work for the greatest good.

What Happens When Difference Makers Unite

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