Great leadership and culture starts with character

We provide organizations with a framework to transform their culture through developing their leaders’ emotional intelligence (EQ) and character.


Invest in a culture of character


Leadership Development

Emotional intelligence and character building for mid-career professionals that transforms entire teams.


Mentor Certification

Certify senior leaders as holistic mentors to create a culture of mentoring throughout your organization.


Sustained Excellence

Continued support and development beyond the initial training for leaders to continue to catalyze collaborative teams.

Ready to catalyze amazing teams in your organization?


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the SLG’s programs different from other leadership development programs?

Traditional leadership development focuses on the leader.  The SLG Fellows Program begins by helping fellows understand themselves, but then shifts the focus on team dynamics. SLG Fellows experience immediate and sustained growth through making small changes in their behavior that make a significant impact on their team’s success.

Organizations work with SLG because they desire the level of high performance that can only be achieved through investing in a culture of character.

Why invest in character development?

When leaders consistently demonstrate good character, which is developed through living out a set of transcendent virtues, they inspire their followers to do the same. A team’s commitment to acting according to a shared set of virtues instills a sense of belonging and trust within the team, allowing them to work collaboratively and optimize performance. And because everyone wants to be part of a high performing team, when an organization invests in character development, they are also investing in employee retention.

You talk a lot about virtues. How is that different from values?

Values vary person by person and are aspirational. Virtues, however, are universally recognized as being morally good and are based in reality. That is to say, that they are produced through one’s behavior, not ideals or aspirations.

How long is the Organizations Program and what does it include?

The full program takes approximately five (5) months to complete and includes leadership development for mid-level leaders through our Fellows Program, the opportunity to certify senior level leaders as mentors, and three (3) additional team development sessions with an SLG executive and a senior SLG mentor.

How much does the Organizations Program cost?

Because there is some customization available to suit individual organizations’ needs, please contact us to schedule a free discovery session.

I’m interested in bringing SLG to my organization. Do you have anything I can take to my leadership team?

Yes! Contact us and we will send you more information.

Hear from our Network

“We are all in different industries...

and being able to discuss and talk with the fellows and mentors and learn about their experience has been amazing. The experience, the conversations, and the learning material is truly something you cannot get at your workplace."

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Andrew J
2022 Fellow, Finance

“I was able to incorporate a lot of the things I learned in SLG in real-time...

as I was in the process of hiring a new direct report and taking on more a formal leadership role on my team. It really was perfect timing for all of it!"

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Jess H
2022 Fellow, Technology

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