Bill M. Mohl

Bill M. Mohl

President/CEO/Chairman of Gryphon Investors Porfolio Companies

Joining the Severn Leadership Group (SLG) Board of Directors as Director in November 2022.


Bill M. Mohl

Bill Mohl is an Executive Advisor and Board Chair with over 40 years of experience in the energy industry (both regulated electric and gas utility and unregulated energy businesses including power, natural gas, and gas liquids) and over 25 years of executive leadership experience with a proven ability to provide executive leadership to transform businesses (public and private) as well as engage and collaborate with others to achieve business and organizational objectives. Mohl currently serves as Executive Chairman of Shermco Industries, a privately held electrical field services company as well as Executive Chairman of HEPACO, a privately held environmental remediation company. 

Bill provides executive advisory services related to strategic planning, market related matters, risk management, commercial transactions and utility operations. He led the strategy to exit the merchant wholesale business for Entergy (ETR), that entailed the closure of four NE nuclear power plants, the sale of one nuclear facility, a first-of-a-kind proposed NRC license transfer transaction for a shutdown nuclear plant, and sale of various wind and CCGT facilities that resulted in significant financial benefits. 

Bill previously served as President of Entergy Wholesale Commodities (EWC) and the Chief Executive responsible for Entergy Louisiana, LLC and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC. electric utilities, with over $4B in annual revenues, which together served over 1 million customers in LA (over 9 GW on a peak load basis) and Baton Rouge and New Orleans Gas LDC businesses with approximately 200,000 customers. 

He has accumulated over ten+ years of board experience, including chairman/member of various Koch and Entergy company boards as well as non-profits, institutes, and associations.

Bill is a graduate of Regis University, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration: Finance and Masters of Business Administration (w/Honors) and a graduate of the Goizueta Directors Institute program at Emory University.

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