John M. Mahoney

John M. Mahoney

President/COO of High Expectations International, LLC

Joining the Severn Leadership Group (SLG) Board of Directors as Director in November 2022.


John M. Mahoney

John Mahoney has 35+ years of experience in managerial leadership, operations, and production. He performs organizational assessments and consulting engagements with executives, directors, and senior technical staff for strategy development and implementation, recovery programs, and action plans that improve performance and support projects. 

John has experience with business transformation and process innovation working as an innovation leader with a Fortune 500 energy company.  Throughout his career he has provided field experience, work management and planning techniques, operational change management, innovation engineering, construction techniques, plant facilities maintenance, and IT/OT solutions. In addition, he has an in-depth knowledge of data management and telecommunications including physical and cyber security. He has used his expertise in technology systems and information management to perform financial project evaluations for Fortune 500 companies’ capital projects under the current U.S. Tax Code for research and experimentation.

John has a solid organizational resource management and finance background working with highly regulated industries understanding the challenges of regulation changes, compliance requirements, human resource management, and strategic capital investment. He has managed technical departments and strategic projects with both distributed and centralized work groups. 

John is the founding member and President Emeritus of the Project Management Institute Chapter in Mississippi and the Past Chairperson of the American Nuclear Society’s Human Factors and Instrument & Controls Division (HFICD) directing the Society’s focus areas including research projects and cyber security. He was elected to the ANS Board of Directors in 2021 and remains active in industry initiatives.

John has BBA from Northwood University and Masters from Troy University. John has been certified as a project management professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute since 1998. He is an avid promoter and author of project management programs and works with project teams within organizations to mentor and develop leaders and provide coaching and oversight of work activities.

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